Friday, December 9, 2011

The very foundation of all question

"What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do,not what I must do,not what I must know-except that a certain amount of knowledge is presupposed in every action.I need to understand my purpose in life,to see what God wants me to do,and this means that I must find a truth which is true for me,that I must find that idea for which I can live or die."-Soren Kierkegaard ,private papers(1838-1855)

Kierkegaard was a young student of philosophy and theology at the time he wrote these words in his diary.Since then he delved into an intellectual voyage dealing with philosophical wonders,aiming solely to find the Truth,but not simple empirical truth,factual knowledge,but for the truth which there wasn't yet known to him,a sort of inner truth,a spiritual ideal for which he could live and die for.

His attempt,weather we noticed it or not,is an universal attempt by mere thinking creatures as ours,named human.This ultimate question lies deep within the spiritual dimension of any human being,as God had embedded this as a remarks of His existence and Might.Some might try to avoid asking this question,refusing to pay attention to their inner cry for such meaning of living a life and think that by denying those fact would grant him FREEDOM but those attitude only lead him to a greater inner suffering and depression.This question will haunt them till they are ready to embrace it.

Who am I?What is life?What happen after I died?Who created me?Any ignorance, however great, could be forgiven except for man to be ignorant about the secret of his existence, his aim in life and what will be his outcome after death.

"Human by definition are in need,we need foods,drinks,shelter,and answers to this very basic question of our life"-Tariq Ramadan. 

"And I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me…"-Quran 51:56-58


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